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     Goals checklist and practical advice

     On going discussion on TOLL POSITIONS as taught by Harvey Brody

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     Guest writers, experienced and perceptive perspectives

     Subscriber of the Day  gives you an opportunity to showcase your business

     MUCH more, every issue is pithy, yet crammed with actionable advice


Who are these guys and why would you want to sign up for their twice weekly newsletter?


Dien Rice (pronounced Dean) and Gordon Alexander are the co-founders of Seeds of Wisdom Publishing and operate the popular forum at


Here’s their story:


In 2000, award winning Quantum Physicist, Dr. Dien Rice of Melbourne Australia took a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame City, Canton, OH.


The reason he came wasn’t about football, he came to meet an eclectic marketer, a man of mystery who prefers to fly low and collect the dough, named Gordon Jay Alexander.


They had dinner at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and while sitting above the cascading Cuyahoga River, they came up with an idea.


That idea was turned into the Seeds Of Wisdom Publishing web site. Now in its 9th year, the Sowpub forum is one of the longest running and most active business forums on the Internet.


Since then Dien Rice has developed several businesses and has become a prolific writer being the co-creator of the Great Ideas Letter with Michael Ross and his own Hidden Business Ideas Letter.


Dien has been an instructor of English in Korea, has bought and sold overstock items and is a successful stock investor (although he prefers to keep his moneymaking long term system a secret, he may share some of these techniques in the SeedZine).


Dien has researched over 500 little known and secret businesses and has provided the inside details necessary to make these secret gold mines work for the average person. He brings a solid scientific approach to business and operates from facts and research.


His academic background has provided Dr. Rice with the skills that many businesses lack, the skill of “getting the facts” and making smart business decisions on the research that so many of today’s Internet marketers refuse to do.


You’ll gain well thought out and practical advice from Dien Rice.


Gordon Jay Alexander has been a small business owner, starting his first successful business by running a 50-cent ad in his college newspaper. Within 90 days, without spending a dime on advertising he was earning $1,000.00 a day with his OFF KEY SINGING TELEGRAM service. That was far more than his Real Estate instructor was making from a successful Real Estate Business so he dropped out of school (however, he did get his Real Estate License for the State of Ohio).


J’s Golf Court in Hudson, OH was one of the largest golf training practices in the country with over 1200 paid memberships. He was a well-known golf instructor in the Northeast Ohio area for many years before he retired from golf.


“Jay” as he is known to many in the Direct Marketing world is known as a “Creative Marketing Professional” and has worked with some of the largest marketing companies in Ohio, including Suarez Corporation Industries, PatentHEALTH LLC (Universal Syndications) and Herbal Energy Boost.


He has an A to Z ability to develop new concepts, new products and to write the marketing campaigns for the direct marketing of these. He is also a freelance copywriter that writes only by referral on projects he wants to write on.


Gordon Jay Alexander has a long history in the “mail-order” and the direct marketing industry. He counts among his teachers and mentors;

Harvey Brody, Ben Suarez, Melvin Powers, Jim Straw and his business mentors have been Burton Morgan and Ed Barr.


Some of the products GJA has brought to market are:

Think And Reach Par  (Audio Program)

How to Play an Unknown Golf Course like a Big Bux Pro (Audio)

The Chattel Report: The Sprint to Freedom (Printed Report)

The Beginner’s Guide to Chatteling (Virtual Report)


Remote Influence (Report)

Froggin’  (a game)

Peteeze (a supplement for pets who have arthritis)


Gordon, by nature, is reticent and shy and rarely makes a public appearance. Dien, on the other hand, is a party animal and will gladly regale you with stories regarding black holes and quantum jokes.


The Quantum Jokes alone are worth signing up for today…what are you waiting for? OH, both Gordon and Dien have great senses of humor too.




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